With a proven track record of achieving objectives, I deliver outstanding results that help businesses grow. I thrive in
remote working environments collaborating with others.
photo of gaston garcia
As a marketing strategist with almost a decade of experience, I've developed the ability to drive growth for small and medium businesses through comprehensive campaigns that integrate digital channels, content strategy, technical SEO, SEM, email marketing, and data-driven analysis.
My strengths lie in optimizing customer journeys and experiences, improving website conversions, elevating brand positioning, and delivering quantifiable results.

My entrepreneurial journey as the founder of the best-rated photography business in the Dominican Republic for 14 years demonstrates my ability for leveraging marketing tactics to achieve #1 rankings on SERPs for high-intent keywords, maintaining those positions until selling the business in 2024.

I'm well-versed in landing page optimization, conversion rate optimization (CRO), and other tech-related skills, such as web design and improvement.

My education includes Marketing and Business Management from EUDE Business School, complemented by specialized certifications in Inbound Marketing, Content Strategy, and Brand Management from reputable institutions such as the University of Buenos Aires, Mark Ritson's MBA, and CXL.
What type of work are you interested in?
I'm flexible when it comes to the types of projects I take on - both in terms of duration and scope. Longer engagements are great because they give me the chance to really get to know a business inside and out through lots of research and data gathering. But I'm also comfortable with shorter, more intensive sprints when that's what the situation calls for.
How do you charge for projects?
My focus is always on delivering results as efficiently as possible.

What typically works better is either a monthly retainer, where you're paying for my expertise and attention, or a project-based fee if it's more of a one-off engagement with clear start and end points.

The retainer model is great for longer-term partnerships where I'm really embedded with your team. It allows me to be laser-focused on moving the needle for you. For shorter sprints, a project fee can make more sense. That way you know exactly what you're paying for a defined scope of work upfront.
What is your timezone?
Atlantic Standard Time is where I'm based, but I'm totally flexible when it comes to working hours. At the end of the day, I'll sync up to whatever time zone makes most sense for the the project.