marketing services for eventlive

446% Growth in top 3 Google Rankings

SEO + Content Strategy
product marketing
content strategy
technical seo
ui & ux design
email marketing

I worked side by side with Mark Sergienko and Julia Eskin (co-founders) to grow EventLive's organic efforts.

At the same time, I led efforts to improve the UX and UI of the EventLive app and platform.


I identified key ICPs (Ideal Customer Profiles) and mapped their respective buyer journeys. Designed a comprehensive content strategy aligning targeted messaging and outreach ideas to guide prospects through the sales funnel.

Targeting the right keywords, I created the right content pieces aligned to every brand touchpoint, successfully guiding the right audiences to take action.

Alongside Mark and Julia, we created multiple landing pages targeting these customer profiles with great success.

Website Conversion:
241.24% Increase

from January 2022 to March 2023

#1-3 Google Rankings: 446% Surge

according to ahrefs

Search Engine Clicks: 136% Boost

Impressions: 267% Growth yoy

Organic Traffic:
59.4% Growth

from july 2021 to march 2023
& Results. 
Next Project
86% Increase in qualified leads