marketing manager for the beach city place

86% Increase in qualified leads

Marketing Strategy + Funnel Creation
[The Beach City Place]
marketing funnels
brand reputation
email marketing
web design
marketing campaigns

I joined this $220+ million real estate project following a brand reputation crisis stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic and failed marketing initiatives.

My mission was to rehabilitate the brand's image in the area, establish better communication channel with its partners, and position it for future success.


To rehabilitate the brand's reputation and drive future success, I had to do diagnose the problem. After finding and documenting multiple issues, I implemented my strategy.

I established open and frequent communication channels with property owners to rebuild trust and transparency.

For the sales team, I produced marketing collateral and redesigned the website and social media channels to turn them into high-converting assets.

The marketing funnels included website lead forms, landing pages, Instagram & Facebook Ad campaigns, email campaigns, and continuous prospect engagement to effectively capture and nurture leads.

Website Conversion:
5.25% on Homepage

measured on april 2024

Qualified Leads:
86% Increase YOY

plus lead warm up

285%+ Link Clicks

cta in bio vs previous period

YouTube Videos:
7.2% CTR Global

+17k views on newly released channel
& Results. 
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